Just For Kids

Photo of a rainbow over the visitor contact station on the Overton Bottoms North Unit by Anna Weyers/USFWS.

A day on the Refuge is a day full of discovery! Come visit any one of our 17 refuge units and spark your sense of wonder today!

Get outside and have some fun!

Here at Big Muddy National Fish and Wildlife Refuge there are a ton of family-friendly activities to discover: 

Below are several links to get you and your family having fun in the outdoors!

Coloring Books

Enjoy the many Fish and Wildlife Service coloring book publications too!  Many refuge offices have these available or you may download them here!

Wetlands Coloring Book - this book teaches about wetlands, the importance of wildlife refuges and the federal and junior duck stamp program. There are many pictures to color and a place to draw your very own duck stamp. (USFWS publication)

Fish, Wildlife and People Coloring Book - A Mark Trail book that teaches you about taking care of our precious natural resources. There are many pictures to color as well as activity sheets, home projects and more. (USFWS publication)

National Wildlife Refuge System Coloring Book - A coloring book that explores the many special places, people and wildlife in our national wildlife refuge system, also available in Spanish! (USFWS publication)

Rachel Carson Coloring Book - Learn about Rachel Carson, leading female conservationist of our time and explore this activity book to discover neat facts and activities about wildlife! (USFWS publication)

Wildlife Champs Coloring Book - Do you know which bird dives the fastest or the biggest animal that eats meat? Meet lots of “wildlife champs” inside the pages of this coloring book, complete with a glossary and a map of the Refuge System (also available in Spanish). (USFWS publication)

Puzzles and Games

Explore the many Fish and Wildlife Service puzzles and games here as well! (USFWS publication) 

Or try our butterfly life-cycle identification challenge!

Fun Reads

Check out the many Fish and Wildlife Service fun reads here, and travel through your imagination to learn about wildlife and the threats they face all around the world.