Big Branch Marsh Birds
Little Blue Heron

The Refuge's coastal marsh, pine savannahs, cypress lined bayous, and hardwood forest habitats are home to a variety of bird species.

Year-round residents of the pine savannah habitat include the endangered Red-cockaded Woodpecker. Other Refuge residents include shorebirds, wading birds, raptors, waterfowl, and songbirds. Brown Pelicans are commonly seen over the water year-round. The Refuge supports over 5,000 wintering waterfowl, including Mallards, Gadwall, and Northern Pintails.

Spring and fall bring neotropical migrants — these are birds that summer in a breeding range in North America but migrate to Central or South America or the Caribbean for the winter. Many warblers, hummingbirds, shorebirds, songbirds, and some hawks are neotropical migratory birds.

Places to Birdwatch at the Refuge:

Boy Scout Road: Look for Red-cockaded Woodpeckers in the pine trees near the trailhead and along the four mile long out and back trail to Bayou Lacombe.

Paquet Road, Sapsucker Road and the end of Lucille Road all have primitive trails/roads to explore.

Bayou Cane: Look for Wood Ducks and Black-bellied Whistling Ducks in the nest boxes along the bayou. You may also see a Mississippi Kite or Osprey soaring overhead.

Download a Refuge map and bird list below. Check out the eBird Tracker below to see what birds have been recently sighted at the Refuge.




Facts About Birds

One thing all birds have in common is feathers, wings, and a bill or beak. Beyond those features, the variations in looks and behavior of birds are interesting and amazing!