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Just For Kids


Getting started down a path of nature exploration and discovery is easy at Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge. Our visitor center serves as a launchpad for wildlife-centered recreation.




Take a hike! 
Check in at the visitor center, and check out a Junior Ranger backpack, it includes all the tools and equipment you need to earn your Junior Ranger badge. 

Beat the heat!
We offer both indoor and outdoor activities for young explorers.
Fly over your refuge lands on an interactive helicopter display.
Identify wildlife in a nighttime swamp.
Start an indoor scavenger hunt.
Learn more about your National Wildlife Refuges in our mini movie theater.
Thumb through the books in our gift shop.

Get moving!
Our wildlife challenge course offers a nature-based fitness experience.

Find us at: 
Southeast Louisiana National Wildlife Refuges Complex
61389 Highway 434
Lacombe, Louisiana 70445
985)-882-0093 / (985)-882-2000   

















Page Photo Credits — Fishing - ©C Daussan
Last Updated: Aug 11, 2014
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