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For Educators


Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge offers a variety of opportunities to learn about wildlife and participate in exciting hands on programs. Self-guided and staff facilitated programs are available both on and off site at no cost. 

Reservations are limited. Call 985-882-2021 email Park Ranger Diane Barth at 


You Come To Us

  • Refuge-ology:  Grades 4 - 6. On-site  - 3 ½ hours (including time for lunch). Students learn to manage a refuge for a day by gathering information as foresters, biologists and a member of the fire crew. They’ll use their collected data to make decisions regarding how the land should be managed. They’ll learn the difficulties of trying to maintain a balance that protects the land, animals and people.     
We Come To You

  • Endangered Species: Grades 3 – 6. Takes 45 minutes to one hour. This program explores why species become threatened and endangered and what can be done to protect them. Through the use of a power point and actual wildlife items confiscated through the illegal world trade, we will look at both exotic species and some found in “our backyard”.
  • Creature Features Build-a-Gator or Build-a-Beaver: Grades K – 3. Takes 45 minutes to one hour. Creature Features explores the biological principle of adaptation in some of Louisiana’s native wildlife. Students will explore through costume activity the features of a successfully adapted wetland creature to illustrate biological principles. A live animal can be requested.
  • Creature Features Skulls: Grades 4 - 6. Takes 45 minutes to one hour. Creature Features explores the concept of adaptation in the wild through animal skull observation. Students will explore the features of animal skulls to successfully identify between carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.
  • Raptor Adaptor: Grades 4 – 6 . Takes 45 minutes to one hour. Explores the concept of adaptations in some of Louisiana’s native birds. Students will then learn more about the diet of a bird of prey by dissecting an owl pellet. 
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Last Updated: Dec 29, 2014
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