Resource Management

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A plan for the long-term maintenance and improvement of bald eagle habitat has been developed and implemented. Past selective logging activities coupled with the exclusion of fire cycles have yielded excessive fuel loadings and overstocked tree stand densities, thus placing eagle roosting habitat at risk to catastrophic wildfire and potential forest health problems.  

Five commercial timber sales will be utilized over the next 15 years to thin the present timber stands to a desired stocking density. Two silvicultural prescriptions specifically formulated to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire and potential forest health problems at Bear Valley Refuge will be tested in the first timber sale.  

An adaptive management approach will be used to examine the results of these first thinnings and improve future silvicultural treatments. After initial thinning, prescribed fire would be used in treated stands to maintain fuel loading at an acceptable level and move the tree species composition toward a more natural condition (i.e., more fire-tolerant tree species). 


Bear Valley National Wildlife Refuge Improvement Plan

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