Habitat Management

Habitat Management Planning Process

Habitat management on the refuge - such as water management, mowing, grazing, and much more - is adaptive and vital to ensuring the health of the refuge's natural resources. A new, draft Habitat Management Plan and environmental assessment were released on May 28, 2020 and are currently open for 30-day public comment through June 28, 2020.

Using the best available science and other insights from state, university, and waterfowl groups, the Habitat Management Plan would serve as an operational guide for the refuge’s management actions over the next five years. The Plan focuses on habitat and infrastructure improvements that enhance the refuge’s ecological sustainability for the benefit of wildlife and people.

Through June 28, 2020, comments may be submitted electronically to bearriver@fws.gov. The draft plan is also available in hard copy at the Brigham City Library, and comments may be submitted by mail to Attn: HMP Comments, 2155 West Forest Street, Brigham City, UT, 84302.

If you are looking for the 2004 Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge Habitat Management Plan, see below:


For more information on HMPs, visit: https://www.fws.gov/policy/620fw1.html

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