Marsh wren scolding the viewer

One of the fasting growing past times in the nation, is also one of the most popular on the Bear River MBR...Birding. The Refuge has become internationally known as a birding hotspot.

  • Bird List

    Black-crowned night heron

    Over 270 bird species have been recorded on the Refuge, and 75 or more species are known to breed here. To download the full bird list, click here.

    For an illustrated bird checklist and activity guide, please click here.

  • Bird Sightings / eBird Tracker

    Marbled godwit

    Bear River is linked in to eBird!  eBird is a great citizen science project run by our friends at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. We have have an eBird TrailTracker kiosk on site for entering your bird sightings, and a link to the TrailTracker so you can check out what has been reported recently.

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  • Birding Through the Seasons

    Barn owl (photo: Brian Ferguson)

    The birding is excellent all year-round on the Refuge, but reaches its peak during spring and fall migration. For a month-by-month report on what to expect, check out our Bird Sightings.  This is a great tool to find out when certain species arrive, when chicks hatch, grebes dance and more.

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