About the Refuge


Bayou Teche NWR is a 9,028-acre refuge situated along and on either side of Bayou Teche, an ancient channel of the Mississippi River. The refuge consists of 6 non-contiguous management units, ranging in size from 81 acres to 3,619 acres.

The Refuge consists mostly of back-swamp land located off of the natural levees of the bayou. Habitats on the refuge include bottomland hardwood forests, cypress-tupelo swamps, bayous, and freshwater marshes.

The Refuge’s primary objective is to restore and manage bottomland hardwood forests, cypress-tupelo swamps, and marshes in order to provide high quality and diverse habitat to support the Louisiana black bear.

Many other plants and animals benefit from conservation of these habitats.The Refuge's location close to the Gulf of Mexico makes it an important environment for neotropical songbirds during their migrations between the northern and southern hemispheres.