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Oregon Shorebird Festival

September 16 - 18, 2016
The 30th annual Oregon Shorebird Festival features a full weekend of activities for birders of all skill levels. The festival is headquartered at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology in Charleston, OR. Activities include land-based field trips to Bandon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge, New River and the Coos Bay area, as well as two boat-based field trips for those who want to experience birding from the water.

The Oregon Shorebird Festival usually attracts between 80 to 100 birders from all over the nation but primarily from the Pacific Northwest. Our festival is modest when compared to other wildlife festivals across the nation. We like it this way, as it keeps the atmosphere intimate so visitors are able to interact more closely with field trip leaders, guest speakers and other festival attendees. Join us for days filled with shorebirds and evenings replete with good conversation and great presentations.

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