Hunters help maintain wildlife populations that can potentially destroy habitat important to many other wildlife species, including the Golden-cheeked warbler and Black-capped vireo. While enjoying this traditional, recreational activity, hunters help manage these lands for the benefit of wildlife and you.

2020-2021 Hunt Regulations are now published! 

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service expanded hunting and sport fishing opportunities on national wildlife refuges for the 2020-2021 season. Hunting and sport fishing opportunities are authorized and provided on FWS-managed lands in accordance with federal, state, and tribal (where applicable) regulations and seasons. 

The FWS carried out a public review and comment period process on these proposed openings and expansions prior to the 2020-2021 hunting and sport fishing season. The final documents are available at the following website: 

For questions on hunting or sport fishing opportunities, regulations, and access, please contact the refuge. 


The refuge offers hunts for dove in September and for white-tailed deer, turkey, feral hogs on several weekends in November and December. All of the hunts include opportunities for youths and hunters with disabilities.   

Dove Hunt:
Get the Dove Hunt brochure and map.  
Permit fee is $20 cash. Permits are issued at the refuge on a first come first served basis on the days of the dove hunt. 

Big Game Hunt: 

Persons with Disabilities Hunt: Available to hunters (youth and adult) with disabilities possessing a pertinent and valid proof of disability. Call (512) 339-9432 ext 20018 for details. 

Get the 2021 Big Game Hunt & brochure

All Terrain Vehicles are permitted on refuge Big Game Hunts. 

The use or possession of all bait (corn, commercial food pellets, mineral blocks, etc.) is prohibited during scouting and hunting. Scents are allowed. 

No special hunting tags are provided for this hunt. Hunters must posses and use the tags contained on their TPWD hunting license. 

Archery Hunting: 

Archery Hunt brochure

This new E-Postcard archery hunt is through Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's Annual Public Hunting (APH) Permit. Once you purchase a APH permit, you may apply through TPWD's lottery system for the E-Postcard archery hunt on the refuge here.  

Hunt Fees:  

The Big Game Hunt fee is $80 and all applications and payment must be made online through TPWD's website: click here

When searching for Balcones Canyonlands NWR hunt, select Browse Hunt Catalog, then select the By Area tab. Drawings and award notifications for each hunt will be conducted at different times. Please consult the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department hunt application web page.


HOW HUNT TRACTS ARE SELECTED: The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department does the public lottery draw for the Balcones Canyonlands NWR hunt. When all hunters selected in the draw have confirmed then our office receives those names and they are then slotted by a lottery system in the hunt units at the Balcones refuge.


After all units have been filled, the hunters will be contacted by our office via email. All selected hunters will have an opportunity to scout their hunt unit the day before the hunt begins. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.



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