Fall Elk Hunting Opportunities


2021 Fall Elk Hunting Opportunities on Baca National Wildlife Refuge (NWR)

2021 Fall elk hunting on the Baca NWR - Special Refuge Specific drawing is not required for hunting elk on the Refuge. Hunters possessing a Colorado Parks and Wildlife issued elk license valid in Game Management Unit (GMU) 82 (not including Private Land Only licenses) can hunt elk on the Refuge. However, there are specific areas on the Refuge that can be hunted and specific regulations that apply to elk hunting on the Refuge. Remember, that motorized vehicles are not allowed in elk hunting areas of the Refuge.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service encourages elk hunters interested in hunting on the Baca NWR to become familiar with the Regulations and Hunting Area Map which can be accessed below. For more information or clarification, please call the Baca NWR Office at (719) 256-5527.

  • E-bikes are now allowed on the Baca Refuge for elk hunting. However, they are not allowed in Wilderness Study Areas of the Refuge.
  • Hunters are encouraged to report their harvest by calling (719) 256-5527 Ext 10

2021 Baca National Wildlife Refuge Elk Hunting Regulations and Map (1.7 MB PDF).


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