Rules and Regulations

Deer Hunting 512x300 by USFWS

The 'blue goose' is the symbol of the National Wildlife Refuge System, and can be found on all boundary signs. Special regulations apply on these lands....where wildlife comes first. Please consult the refuge staff prior to your visit.

There are a variety of fun and educational activities that people can participate in while visiting Audubon National Wildlife Refuge. 

Wildlife-dependent activities include wildlife observation and photography, environmental education and interpretation, and hunting and ice fishing (special regulations apply).    

 For the protection of wildlife, habitat, and other visitors, please observe the following regulations:

  •  All plants, animals, artifacts, and other natural materials are protected and should not be disturbed.
  • Vehicles must stay on designated roads.
  • Overnight camping and fires are not allowed.
  • Pets must be leashed or contained in a vehicle or fish house, unless they are assisting an upland bird hunter during the permitted hunting season.
  • No boating, canoeing, swimming, open-water fishing, or other activity (with the exception of ice fishing) is allowed on the Refuge portion of Lake Audubon.
  • Persons possessing, transporting, or carrying firearms on National Wildlife Refuge System lands must comply with all provisions of State and local laws. Persons may only use (discharge) firearms in accordance with refuge regulations (50 CFR 27.42 and specific refuge regulations in 59 CFR Part 32).