Rules and Regulations

a Turkey hunter with a tom turkey

Hunting, fishing, and other forms of recreation, where and when allowed are managed to provide sustainable natural resources and to provide for public safety. All plants and wildlife are protected on Atchafalya NWR, unless state of Louisiana hunting or fishing regulations allow take.

Enjoy your National Wildlife Refuge! 

Atchafalaya National Wildlife Refuge regulations are designed to protect and preserve natural, scenic and wildlife values and to enhance public safety and enjoyment of the refuge. Hunting and fishing on the Refuge are subject to Louisiana state regulations. A self-clearing permit, available at roadside kiosks, is required for hunting.

The following are some guidelines to help all to enjoy the Refuge:

• Allow wildlife to eat a natural diet. Never feed snacks to wildlife. Alligators used to being fed by people become dangerous to children and pets.
• Pack out what you pack in. Litter is nasty.
• For the safety of all, respect all posted closures.