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Our photo gallery has captured the essence of Ash Meadows and takes you on a journey through the refuge.  Go to our video gallery and see our native fish or watch an amazing once-in-a-lifetime earthquake experience at Devils Hole   

  • Earthquake at Devils Hole Video

    Devils Hole 150 x 118

    During a routine check of Devils Hole an employee is stunned when an earthquake occurs triggering a desert tsunami.  There have been more people that have walked on the moon than have witnessed an earthquake event at Devils Hole and they were lucky enough to have captured it all on video.      

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  • Amargosa Pupfish and Speckled Dace Video

    Ash Meadows Amargosa Pupfish

    See the Ash Meadows Speckled Dace and the Ash Meadows Amargosa pupfish, in their natural habitat.....the beautiful natural springs of Ash Meadows.  Both of these species exist only in Ash Meadows.  In this video a crayfish wonders by for its few seconds of video fame. Crayfish are a non-native, invasive species that look like tiny lobsters. 

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  • Endemics


    Desert fish, water bugs and flowers found no where else on earth. Ash Meadows has the largest concentration of endemic species in the entire United States and 2nd largest concentration in North America.  

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  • Devils Hole Pupfish Video

    Devils Hole pupfish

    See inside Devils Hole as divers capture the rare Devils Hole pupfish in their natural habitat. They are possibly the rarest fish in the world.   

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  • Volunteer Events

    volunteer group

    When you volunteer you contribute something greater than just your time.  You are helping to restore a place like no other on earth.  Literally.  Our volunteers have fun too!  

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  • Photographers Paradise

    Peterson Reservoir

    Ash Meadows is a photographers paradise.  The contrasts of the turquoise spring pools against the harsh desert landscape is a photo favorite for our visitors.  Wildlife photography, especially birds, presents its own challenges and rewardsapture the contrasting colors of an oasis against the harsh, dry desert landscape or  our unique plants and animals.  You won't be dissappointed.  

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  • A Refuge for all Seasons

    Ash Trees

    This oasis in the Mojave Desert changes with the seasons.  The refuge becomes a winter wonderland when the cool air and warm springs create bellowing bands of steam.  The fall brings spectacular colors of orange, red and gold as the leaves of the ash trees change color.  The refuge comes to life in the hot hot summer and there is green everywhere.

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