Get Involved

Volunteer on Duck Survey FWS 512X219

Besides visiting the Refuge, you can get involved in work that interests you, such as volunteering to help with waterfowl surveys, or many other activities.  

This 16,000 acre Refuge, established in 1935, takes a lot of work to maintain.  We depend on volunteers to help in many ways.  At Arrowwood, a volunteer is anyone who assists the Refuge staff with projects, daily tasks, or programs.  We can help to build a volunteering experience around you and your needs and wants.  Volunteers can commute from local communities to help at Arrowwood, or may stay and reside at the refuge in our bunkhouse for an extended period.       

Join the Friends of Arrowwood      

The non-profit Birding Drives Dakota/Friends of Arrowwood Refuge supports the refuge and its management through education and partnering in the planning and holding of special events at the Refuge.  The Friends of Arrowwood support through active volunteering.   They host the popular Annual Potholes and Prairie Birding Festival, and complete other projects that enhance the visitor experience at the refuge.  Information on the Friends, how you can help, or how to join is available at their website:

Youth Conservation Corps (YCC)    

Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge annually recruits high school students age 15 through 18 for summer employment in the Youth Conservation Corps (YCC).  Projects may include trail building and repair, improving wildlife habitat, posting boundary signs, invasive plant control, monitoring wildlife, simple construction, office work and general maintenance activities as needed. Enrollees will work mostly outdoors and be subject to summer heat and biting insects.

The program begins each year in early June and lasts approximately eight weeks.  Students will work 40 hours per week, Monday- Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.  Participants are selected through a random drawing of all applicants.

To apply, and for more information, follow our Jobs link.