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The refuge provides a variety of habitats for the diversity of shorebirds that migrate through and use the refuge for nesting.  Mudflats and shallow water provide feeding areas for many shorebirds and the surrounding meadows and grasslands provide nesting areas.  

Marbled godwit Galt 150X118 

 Some shorebirds such as this marbled godwit nest in grassland habitat while others nest on open shorelines or beaches and others such as the Wilson's phalarope below nest in wet meadows or wetland edges. 

 Wilson phalarope male Galt 150X118 Wilsons Phalarope Galt 150X118 

Many shorebirds like open areas like these sanderlings feeding on the beach shoreline of Jim Lake.   The refuge provides a diversity of habitats for the variety of shorebirds that migrate through the refuge in spring and summer. 

Sanderlings USFWS 150X118