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Spruce / Fir Conifer Forest

Trail through the forest - USFWS.

The predominant habitat type at Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge is a sub-boreal spruce/fir hardwood forest. The refuge is situated on low elevation rolling hills that create a mosaic of conifer and deciduous forest types. Typical forest types that can be found at the refuge include spruce/fir northern hardwoods, black spruce bog, black spruce woodland, white cedar woodland, evergreen seepage forest, balsam poplar floodplain forest and red maple swamps.

Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge actively manages its woodlands to maximize wildlife biodiversity. Refuge forests range in age and size from early successional to late successional. The refuge recognizes the value of late successional mature forests in northern Maine and promotes the development and growth of mature forest types on the refuge.

Last Updated: Jul 30, 2013
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