Rules and Regulations

Winter at the refuge - USFWS.

Unlike national parks, state parks, and state forests, the management priority at national wildlife refuges is "Wildlife First." These lands are managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which is the only agency of the U.S. Government whose primary responsibility is fish, wildlife, and plant conservation. Public uses of national wildlife refuges must be compatible with plant and animal conservation. Our guiding legislation identifies priority public uses on national wildlife refuges that can be allowed if they are compatible with the management of that refuge for wildlife.

  • The refuge is open during daylight hours only.
  • Hunting and fishing is not permitted on the Refuge
  • Dogs must be on hand-held leases no longer than 10 feet.
  • Use of motorized vehicles is permitted only on the Auto Tour Route. Motorized vehicles disturb wildlife, cause erosion, disturb other refuge visitors, and shatter the tranquility of the refuge.
  • All plants and animals, parts thereof, and other objects of nature are protected from disturbance. Collection is prohibited.

Please contact the refuge headquarters for a current list of permitted activities.