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Resource Management

Reposting marker Hdr 512 W“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
--Theodore Roosevelt

Invasive Species Control

Exotic, invasive, and nuisance species are serious threats to fish and wildlife in Florida. Archie Carr Partnership staff control exotic, invasive, and nuisance species on the Archie Carr Refuge that threaten the survival of many species by displacing or killing individuals, destroying habitats, and disrupting ecological communities. In efforts to combat these noxious, invasive plants, chemical and mechanical control of Brazilian pepper, melaleuca, air potato, rosary pea, guinea grass, Chinese tallow tree, cogon grass, and Japanese climbing fern is conducted on the refuge.


turtle_hatching 300 W

Endangered Species Management & Monitoring

The Archie Carr Partnership Refuge monitors and studies sea turtles to increase sea turtle knowledge and nest survival.
Page Photo Credits — Anibal Vazquez/USFWS
Last Updated: Jan 18, 2017
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