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To Enable Public Use

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service issues permits under various wildlife law and treaties at a number of offices throughout the country. Permits enable the public to engage in legitimate wildlife-related activities that would otherwise be prohibited by law. Service permit programs ensure that such activities are carried out in a manner that safeguards wildlife. Additionally, some permits promote conservation efforts by authorizing scientific research, generating data, or allowing wildlife management and rehabilitation activates to go forward.

  • General Use Permit

    Gen Use 300 W

    Special Use Permits are required for miscellaneous events (fishing tournaments, one-time events, other special events), education activity, and any other activity not mentioned. Contact Refuge Management at least one month in advance to begin the permit process.

    General Use Permit Application

  • Commercial Use Permit

    Commercial 300 W

    A commercial permit is required for commercial activities including guided tours and filming on National Wildlife Refuges. A permit will not be required for personal, noncommercial filming and photography activities or news coverage. The permit will help insure compatibility with Refuge purposes, public use, ongoing research, or to protect Refuge resources. 

    Commercial operations will not be permitted if it is determined that:

    - There is likelihood of wildlife disturbance. 
    - There would be an unreasonable disruption of
       the public’s use and enjoyment of the site

      (beyond short-term interruptions). 
    - The activity poses a health or safety risk to the public.
      Commercial Use Permit Application

    • Research Permit

      Research 300 W

      If you are a student, teacher, or other non-FWS organization interested in conducting research or educational activity on the Refuge, we encourage you to contact Refuge management at least one month in advance to begin the SUP process. If you are found conducting an activity that requires a SUP without the appropriate permission you could be subject to legal action.

      Research Permit Application  

      Please visit the National Wildlife Refuge System Web site for more information about permits.

    • Contact Information

      Contact the Refuge Office for more information about Special Use Permits

      (772) 581-5557