Youth Environmental Training Area

The YETA is a free day use campground on the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge made available to educational groups who complete environmental education studies while staying at the refuge.

The YETA is situated on San Antonio Bay in an oak and redbay woodland. There are five sites located within the YETA, including:

Assembly Area -- A large site equipped with a screened shelter, restrooms, amphitheater and fire ring and small picnic shelter.

Sites 1-4
– Walk-in camp sites via an accessible and short trail. All four sites have shoreline access. Campsites 1-3 sleep up to 35 people and campsite 4 sleeps up to 60 people.
These sites contain: 

  • A covered shelter with a picnic table, small open grill and fire ring with limited seating. 
  • Limited parking at the end of the trail.
  • Potable water by the parking area.
  • Restrooms, which are located by the entrance to Campsite # 2.
  • Two cold-water showers, toilets, sinks and electricity. 

YETA Campground Rules 

  • Trash: Pack all trash out of the refuge. Keep trash bagged at all times. Campsites and restrooms MUST be clean prior to a group’s departure. Please inspect campsite and restrooms prior to leaving. These areas will also be checked by a refuge staff member.
  • Wildlife: Do not feed, approach, bother, or otherwise disturb wildlife. Harming or disturbing any form of wildlife is a federal offense. Feeding wildlife is prohibited and dangerous.
  • Food: Some animals are very skilled at getting into food and food containers. Locked metal or wood boxes make good storage units. If you do not have a food container, store food in a vehicle. Avoid storing food in your tent. 
  • Fires: Fires are permitted in established/designated fire rings.
  • Gate: Keep entrance gate to YETA closed at all times.
  • Orientation: Upon arrival, an orientation will be held at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge visitor center. 
  • Electronic Equipment: Most cell phones do not work in this area. 
  • Parking: Parking space is limited so car pool if possible. All vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas after unloading. 
  • Laws: All state and federal laws must be followed and will be enforced by refuge law enforcement officers. 
  • Water: Do not use the water in the YETA restrooms or shower house for drinking. Potable water can be obtained at the stand pipe near the parking area at each campsite.

Directions: The YETA is located on a spur road off the Tour Loop, 1.8 miles south of the Visitor Center. It is situated on San Antonio Bay in an oak and redbay woodland.