Hunting is one of the priority recreational uses on National Wildlife Refuges and compatible with the mission of this refuge. While enjoying this traditional, recreational activity, hunters help manage these lands for the benefit of wildlife and you.

Some of the best waterfowl hunting opportunities in Southeast Texas are available seasonally on Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge. Blue and green-winged teal, mottled duck, gadwall, pintail and shoveler are a few of the species hunted among the different hunt units. 

Waterfowl hunting is permitted in designated areas, including the Pace Tract and parts of the East Unit and Middleton Tract. Hunters can enter hunt units at 4:00 am and must be done hunting by 12:00 pm. Hunters must be off the hunt units by 12:30 pm. Hunters must contact refuge headquarters in the fall before waterfowl hunting season to obtain current hunting regulations and permits. 

Normally, forty percent of the refuge is open to waterfowl hunting. Three different hunt units provide access to hunt areas by foot or by boat. An accessible hunt blind, located on the East Unit, is also available on a first-come, first-served basis for hunters with a disability.  

The Pace Tract and Middleton Tract Hunt Units are open to hunters free of charge.  

All hunters are required to carry, on their person, a signed general permit (Waterfowl Hunting Regulations) while hunting on any unit of the refuge.*

Helpful Information  

 2018-2019 Waterfowl Hunting Regulations  

 2018-2019 East Unit Map

 2018-2019 Important Hunt Dates


Hunting Rules and Regulations (Texas Parks & Wildlife)   


The East Unit daily fee is $10 a day per person (available for purchase only the morning of your hunt) or you may purchase an annual refuge permit, for $40, to hunt the East Unit for the current season.  No user fees are required for hunters under 16 years of age. The East Unit annual refuge permit is available to purchase from the following locations, and is required before entry to the East Unit Hunt Area: 

Refuge headquarters, located at 4017 FM 563, Monday - Friday 8am-4pm

Visitor Center, located at 4017 FM 563, Wednesday - Sunday 9am-4pm

Refuge Visitor Information Station, located on the main refuge, 4318 FM 1985, Saturday/Sunday 9am-4pm

or the morning of the hunt on the East Unit

* All hunters are required to carry, on their person, a signed general permit (Waterfowl Hunting Regulations) while hunting on any unit of the refuge.*

To find out more about hunting opportunities, seasons and regulations, please contact the refuge.