For Educators


Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge offers many environmental education programs and special events.  Contact us to plan your field trip today!  

The outdoor education program at Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge is free to all interested schools and organizations. Designed for students in kindergarten through fifth grade, participants learn about the outdoors in the outdoors. Our classes use TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) to help teachers reinforce their classroom studies. The hands-on educational classes include: 

Kindergarten – A Sense of Family (learn how animals use their senses to find family, food, and each other. Can you use your senses to find your family?) 

First Grade – Food Chains and More (learn about habitat, food chains and living vs nonliving) 

Second Grade
– Insects! (Did you know that insects have superpowers? Can you identify your insects that you’ll collect during the field trip? Do you know about metamorphosis…you will after you play our metamorphosis game and go through each stage!)  

Third Grade
– Adaptations:  Can you be a fox or rabbit? Which one is more adapted to outrun the other? Do plants have different adaptations? Join us to find out!)  

Fourth Grade
– Wonders of Wetlands: This class teaches the importance of wetlands to wildlife AND people.  Using dip nets, students search for many of the inhabitants of the refuge's fresh and saltwater marshes.  

Fifth Grade
– Birding!: Join us to learn so many fascinating facts about birds, migration, and how to use binoculars to find them. You’ll also learn how to be a bird bander! 

All classes are: 

  • Free!
  • Conducted outdoors
  • Approximately one to one and a half hours in length
  • Require reservations as space is limited 

Email Stephanie Martinez or call her 409-267-3337 for reservations.

Check out our Calendar of Events for more  information on fun, educational programs currently scheduled.