Resource Management

The Pyramid - tufa rocks formation namesake of Pyramid Lake

Anaho Island NWR offers researchers the chance to learn about an undisturbed area and how plants and wildlife survive on this desert island with limited resources.

Refuge staff use a variety of habitat and wildlife management techniques to maintain, monitor, recover or enhance plant and wildlife resources on Anaho Island. Careful consideration is given to research requests, methods and techniques employed on the island.  Approved and strictly monitored surveys are conducted at different times of year to inventory wildlife, bird and vegetation populations and habitat conditions.

In 2014, Anaho Island NWR was the focus of a large resource inventory project, to refine its conservation goals and objectives as well as identify critical threats and strategies to measure conservation progress. These needs were developed into a 96 pg. 6.53mb PDF publication finalized in March 2015, titled the Final Anaho Island NWR Natural Resource Management Plan, 2015.  

A companion 80 page document, the Anaho Island NWR Inventory and Monitoring Plan, was also produced, and identifies the specific surveys, data collection and monitoring protocols for the next 15 years of this unique desert ecosystem. Both documents are in PDF format here, and available in Word format upon request by calling the Refuge Operations Specialist at 775/423-5128 ext 231.