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Resource Management

Management efforts focus on protecting native strand communities, providing habitat for threatened and endangered species, migratory birds, and other wildlife, and controlling non-native species.

  • Management Goals

    Refuge management goals are:

    - Provide and manage a diversity of high quality habitats to support breeding, migrating and/or wintering birds, threatened & endangered species, and fish.
    - Maintain high quality habitats for all native wildlife and plant species.
    - Establish and maintain partnerships to benefit wildlife for present and future generations

  • Beach Nesting & Bird Monitoring

    Piping plover and tern fencing - USFWS.

    Seasonal interns are hired each year to assist with the high volume of beach nesting bird monitoring during the spring and summer months. In addition to the piping plover exclosures, interns install tern shelters. These allow the young terns to escape predators. Interns also monitor bird locations and species numbers daily. This information is used to estimate regional numbers of these federally and state threatened and endangered species.

  • Invasive Species

    Seabeach knotweed - USFWS.

    Refuge staff are founding members of the Long Island Invasive Species Management Area. Networking with other members and attending periodic public meetings has helped us realize the most problematic species, develop mapping standards, prioritize treatment regimens and prepare outreach materials.

Last Updated: Nov 29, 2013
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