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Visitor Activities

  • Fishing

    Beach at Amanagsett - USFWS.

    Fishing is allowed from the shoreline. A free New York state salt water fishing license is required. Common fish species include striped bass (striper), weakfish, summer flounder (fluke), bluefish and blackfish (tautog).

  • Wildlife Viewing

    Visitors viewing wildlife on the refuge - USFWS.

    The coastal location of this refuge makes it a prime stopover for migrating raptors, shorebirds and songbirds. The federally protected roseate tern and piping plover use Amagansett for resting, feeding, and nesting.

  • Photography

    Piping plovers - USFWS.

    Although piping plovers tend to be very skittish and elusive, the patient photographer can be rewarded with lasting images!

Last Updated: Nov 29, 2013
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