Low Shrub Pocosin

Habitat: Low Shrub Pocosin

 The low shrub pocosin habitat type occupies 4,194 acres of the refuge’s 153,017 acres and is associated with the deeper organic soils that occur primarily in the southeastern portion of the refuge. The organic soils can be as much as 20 feet deep. The shrub layer is the dominant feature of this community and generally attains a canopy height of two to six feet. Bitter gallberry, fetterbush, titi, and honey cup dominate this shrub layer with Virginia chain-fern being the most abundant herbaceous plant. Openings may occur and are usually dominated by sedges, pitcher plants, cranberry, and broom sedge. These areas are further characterized by long periods of soil saturation with widely spaced, stunted pond pines with heights of mature trees ranging from about six to twenty feet. These communities closely approximate a “quaking bog” as the ground actually moves in a vertical plane as you walk across it. False low shrub pocosin can be distinguished from true low shrub pocosin by the presence of tree residue and depth of the peat.

Facts About Low Shrub Pocosin

Typical Plants   

  • bitter gallberry
  • fetterbush
  • titi
  • honey cup
  • Virginia chain-fern
  • sedges
  • pitcher plants
  • cranberry
  • broom sedge