Decisions about management practices are based on best available science. Refuge staff conduct basic monitoring on a regular basis for species for which we provide direct management, like waterfowl, schedule annual vegetative transects to monitor food production, and regularly survey and map exotic species like Phragmites.  Other studies are conducted on the refuge by partners, including universities, other conservation agencies, and non-government conservation organizations. 


  • Refuge staff monitor water levels in management units, conduct bird counts seasonally, and map phragmites.   
  • Albemarle-Pamlico Climate Change Adaptation Project -  The goal of the Albemarle-Pamlico Climate Change Adaptation Project is to ensure that ecosystems remain vibrant in the face of their inevitable alteration by climate change and sea-level rise.  Learn more.... 
  • American Alligator Study  -  Steve Dinkelacker Framingham State College-Department of Biology    Study alligator population demography on refuge. Will attempt to determine and describe habitat preferences of alligators. Nest surveys conducted-eggs counted, temperature of eggs and nest monitored.  
  • Kyle Palmquist/Jackie White  UNC-CH  -  Carolina Vegetation Survey   Soil, geomorphology and land use history recorded. Also a total species inventory, plant cover by species and vertical strata and woody stems will be measured.
  • Marcel Ardon Sayao  -  Effects of Saltwater intrusion on growth and survival of bald cypress trees  -  Groups of trees in several refuge locations will be cored, aged and monitored along with the adjacent water physiochemical parameters (temperature, pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen) will be measured and water samples for water nutrients will be collected.
  • Other on-going studies/surveys/monitoring programs