Visitor Activities

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We provide information to visitors and monitor use of the Refuge. The King Salmon Visitor Center provides information and educational outreach to visitors and local communities.

  • Hunting


    Hunting is popular with local residents and visitors. Guided hunts take place during special seasons for caribou, moose, and brown bear. The brown bears of the Alaska Peninsula are one of the largest apex predators in the world, which is attributed to a diet rich in salmon.

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  • Fishing


    Catch and release fly fishing is a popular activity for anglers while locals rely on fish to fill freezers year round. Ugashik Lakes are famed for their trophy sized grayling. The refuge also boasts Dolly Varden trout, lake trout, rainbow trout, and five species of Pacific Salmon that live in many of the rivers and lakes.

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  • Wildlife Viewing

    Wildlife Viewing & Photography

    In addition to its great numbers of brown bears, which congregate around the Refuge's lakes and streams when the salmon are running, a number of other large mammals are also found here; and sea otters, harbor seals, and sea lions can be seen along the coastline.

    All of the species available to wildlife viewers are also available to the patient photographer. Boating on the Refuge's waters often provides excellent opportunities to see and photograph a variety of animals and birds.

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  • Interpretation


    The King Salmon Visitor Center offers a variety of interpretive exhibits related to the natural and cultural resources of the Alaska Peninsula. Highlights include Native peoples; commercial, sport, and subsistence fishing; the life cycles of salmon; geology and volcanology; brown bears; marine mammals; birds, plants, and other "watchable wildlife."

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  • Environmental Education


    Environmental education programs are provided to local schools, home schools, and villages on the Alaska Peninsula. We tailor our curriculum to meet Alaska Department of Education standards and school needs.

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