Seasons of Wildlife

Brown Bear in Refuge

No matter the season, Alaska is a rugged and awe inspiring place. Wildlife abounds across the landscape in every season on the refuge.

  • Spring

    Cranes in Flight

    Spring is heralded by massive flocks of migrating birds, descending on any open water. As ice recedes from rivers, beluga whales press upstream to devour smelt. Daylight hours are long and bright.

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  • Summer

    Angling at Ugashik Narrows

    Summer on the refuge is our busiest season.  All birds, fish, and mammals are out and about. Close behind them are scientists studying their habits, anglers trying to catch a couple of fish, and lone adventurers with cameras in hand. 

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  • Fall

    Hiking in Autumn Tundra

    A sight common before freeze up are Pacific walrus lounging on beaches in between fishing trips. Frost shifts leaf colors and turns the tundra radiant.

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  • Winter

    Wildlife Biologist Dom Watts In the Field

    The frozen landscape may seem forbidding, but wildlife continues to thrive. Wolves track game in the snow. Ptarmigan and snowshoe hare blend into the background. Our biologists fly afield to continue their research.

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