Research Vessel Tiglax

R/V Tiglax

 The R/V Tiglax provides critical support for biological work, management programs, and village outreach and education.

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The R/V Tiglax (TEKH-lah - Unangam Tunuu or Aleut for eagle) and its crew work for the Refuge as its research and transportation support vessel. In a season, the Tiglax may sail to islands in Southeast Alaska, the far western end of the Aleutian Chain, and into the Bering Sea, typically traveling, 15,000 to 20,000 nautical miles.

Sea-going Research Platform for
Seabird surveys
Oceanographic studies
Marine mammal studies
Fish studies

Transport to Field Camps (personnel and supplies) for
Seabird and marine mammal monitoring
Biological inventories
Invasive species management
Archaeological investigations

Cooperators Use of the Tiglax
Depending on space available on board or in the schedule, other agencies or universities may apply with projects that contribute to the understanding of marine resources and their management.

To find out about reimbursement costs, availability and the Tiglax schedule contact: (attention Tiglax scheduler). 

 View the ship's schedule here.

Download Cooperators Guide to Use and Reimbursement for Use of Tiglax