Alligator Nesting Season

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American alligators begin nesting in the spring with males bellowing loudly to attract a mate and defend their territory. The female builds a nest of vegetation, sticks, and mud and lays 20 to 50 white-colored eggs, which will hatch in about 65 days.

Alligator Nesting Season

During alligator nesting season you will occasionally see barricades along roads, levees, and trails here at Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge in south Florida. These barricades provide a space between visitors and nesting alligators, which allow visitors to view and enjoy these magnificent creatures from safe distance. Please DO NOT climb on barricades or allow children to climb on barricades.

If you see someone feeding or harassing alligators, call Federal Wildlife Officers at 1-800-307-5789.

You can help alligators by:

Viewing From a Safe Distance. Always remember, if an alligator changes its behavior, hisses, or lunges at you, you are too close. When participating in outdoor activities, always give wildlife space and a route to escape.

Do Not Feed Alligators. We can’t stress this enough. Not only is it illegal, but an alligator that gets used to being fed associates people with food and cannot distinguish between a “handout” and a “hand”. Alligators that become aggressive are considered “nuisance gators” and will likely have to be killed to prevent possible harm to humans.

Do Not Disturb. Disturbing, injuring, spearing, poisoning, destroying, collecting or attempting to disturb, injure, spear, poison, destroy or collect any plant or animal on any national wildlife refuge is prohibited.

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