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Amphibians live part of their lives in water and part on land. They are unique because they can breathe through their skin which makes them great environmental indicators of our ecosystem health. Amphibians go through metamorphosis, and most young amphibians hatch from eggs. As they develop, their body shape changes from larvae, to tadpole, to adult.

  • Pig Frog


    Little is known of the life of this frog. From what has been observed, they seem to be a shy species that is easily startled. They are rarely seen in the daylight, and are usually found hiding in aquatic vegetation. They are entirely aquatic, always surrounded by vegetation, and are rarely seen on land. Although the pig frog is compared in many senses to the bullfrog, their voices are entirely different. This frog has a sound that is likened to the sound of the grunting of a herd of pigs.

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  • Green Treefrog


    Hyla cinerea

  • Florida Cricket Frog


     Acris gryllus dorsalis