Pet Walking

Man Walking Dog

The refuge welcomes all visitors and their non-human family members in designated areas. We understand that wild spaces are rare within urban areas and for those reasons, we extend our invitation to both visitors and their well-behaved pets.

The refuge welcomes visitors and their furry family members in designated areas. Leashed pets are welcome at all boat ramp parking lots and along 36 miles of the perimeter levee. Pets are not allowed around the visitor center, boardwalks, Lee Road, or the impoundments.

Pet Walking Rules and Regulations

Visit our Rules and Regulations page to view all refuge pet walking regulations.

Helpful links:
View or download: Pet Walking Brochure and Map or Pet Walking Map

National wildlife refuges are places where wildlife come first. Please help protect wildlife and their homes by respecting Refuge rules and regulations. If a high number of reports of negative pet-wildlife or pet-people interactions are reported, the Refuge may restrict or eliminate pet visits.

Please report all suspicious activity or violations of the law to Federal Wildlife Officers by calling 1-800-307-5789.

Failure to respect the Refuge regulations and your fellow visitors can result in a citation and fine: 50 CFR 26.21(b) and/or 50 CFR 27.51(a). As well as impoundment and/or destruction of the animal: 50 CFR 28.43.