Additional Resources

  • Let's Go Outside!

    Nature turns frowns upside down. Studies indicate that children who play and explore outdoors are less stressed and may further benefit by learning confidence and social skills. In nature, kids and families get a chance to move at life’s natural pace, where time disappears, no one is bored, and exploration turns into fun adventure.

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  • Everglades Foundation Curricula

  • National Park Service Curricula

  • Friends of the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

  • National Audubon Society

  • Palm Beach County Library System--Audubon Society of the Everglades Ornithology Collection

  • Audubon Society of the Everglades

  • Resources in Science Education (RISE)

    RISE is an organization composed of non-formal educators from various science organizations within Palm Beach County. We educators are here to assist you with a wide variety of projects, information, curriculum writing, and field experiences.

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  • PBS

  • Everglades Plan