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Welcome Educators – Formal School, Homeschool Parents, Scout Leaders, and Faith-Based Educators!

  • Hands-on Environmental Education Activities and Programs


    Environmental education is one of the primary objectives of the National Wildlife Refuge System. Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee NWR is an excellent place to bring a class to conduct hands-on environmental education activities and programs. Come visit the only National Wildlife Refuge in Palm Beach County, Florida for a FREE field experience! Interpretive Specialist Serena Rinker can tailor your visit to fit what you are studying in the classroom or teach one of three pre-planned lessons.

    Now Available: Rhythms of the Refuge: A Guide for Educators (PDF download, 16.3 MB)

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  • Traveling Trunks

    The refuge offers traveling trunks to prepare your students on each of the habitats of the refuge. Traveling Trunks are five (5) environmental education trunks that are designed for teachers, home school parents, Boy Scout and Girl Scout leaders, church leaders, or any educators of children. They are specific to elementary and middle/high school students, but are easily adaptable for preschool or higher grades. These trunks can be “checked out” FREE for a two (2) week period simply by contacting the refuge office. Educators are responsible for returning all contents of the trunks in working order. Transportation of the crates is the responsibility of the educator. The crates are located at the Headquarters entrance of the refuge at 10216 Lee Road, Boynton Beach, FL 33473.

    A content list for the trunks is listed here.

  • Outdoor Classrooms


    The refuge also offers three (3) outdoor classrooms located right at the Headquarters Area entrance of the refuge that you can use. The classrooms are located at the three pavilions: Cypress Swamp, Marsh Trail, C-6. Each of these outdoor classrooms has a dry erase board, bulletin board, posters or maps relating to the ecosystem where the classroom is located. There are also field guides, magnifying boxes, and other educational materials associated with each classroom. To use one of these classrooms during your visit, please contact the Interpretive Specialist a day prior to your visit. The classroom will be opened and ready for your use.

    A content list for the classrooms is listed here.

  • Loan Materials


    The refuge education department has a plethora of materials that educators can borrow while their students experience the refuge. As the educator you will be responsible for all these materials and returning them in working order for the next group of students. To that end, we request that you take full responsibility by signing an Educational Materials Loan Form to be filled out by refuge staff. Listed below are just some of the items for loan while teaching on the refuge.

    Backpack Water Test Labs
    Field microscopes
    Tasco 8x21 Black Rubber Binoculars
    Project WILD activity supplies
    Minnow Traps
    Aquarium Fish Nets
    Telescoping D Dip Nets
    Wide Range pH Test Kits
    Nitrate Test Kits
    Waltex Magnifier 8x
    Extra-Large Bug Viewer
    Local Birds of South Florida ID Cards
    Hand-Held Magnifiers (2.5x lens)
    Pine Jog: A Center for EE - The Marsh from Minnows to Mites
    Aquatic Wet - Marsh Munchers Activity
    Project WILD - Wetland Metaphors Activity
    Project WILD - How Many Bears Can Live in This Forest? Activity
    Project WILD - Quick Frozen Critters Activity
    Miscellaneous Boards and Lessons

  • Reference Libraries

    In addition, the refuge also offers teachers reference use of two libraries. One library is geared for student’s kindergarten through eighth grade and the other library is best suited for high school, college students, or educators. As educators you can search by topic or for a specific book. Please note that even though a specific book has been labeled for a 6-8 level, the book can be modified for any specific grade level with little effort. The books are listed in eight (8) topic areas: Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, Habitats, Plants, Fish, Insects, and Miscellaneous. Most books can be modified for varying learning levels.

    K-8 Reference Library Catalog

    Adult Reference Library Catalog

  • School Outreach Opportunities


    Don’t have enough money for a field experience? Your students can study and understand various aspects of the refuge without ever leaving your classroom. The Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge staff can bring a powerpoint presentation or lecture to you!

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  • Teacher In-Service Workshop


    The refuge is one of the five organizations offering Indoors and Out: Connecting Classrooms to Nature. This annual teacher in-service workshop is offered the first full week after school is dismissed in June. This unique and inspiring four day teacher workshop demonstrates how to connect your students with nature whether teaching science lessons in the classroom, schoolyard or natural areas. It is a “get your feet wet” (literally) event designed to assist teachers in the delivery of real-world science connections by immersing students in fun, hands-on nature investigations. Participants receive an array of materials, equipment and curriculum guides filled with multi-grade level environmental science lesson plans and activities. Each day the workshop location changes to showcase examples of beautiful ecosystems: Pan’s Garden, Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, Peanut Island Coast Guard Station and Mounts Botanical Garden. Please contact the Interpretive Specialist at the beginning of April for a reservation form for this workshop.

  • Public Educational Resources

    USFWS Curricula

    As you know, there is a wealth of information on the Internet about environmental education. There are many organizations that provide information and activities, including federal and state agencies, non-governmental organizations, and more. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has a variety of activity guides available at the national level, as well as some activity guides that are specific to certain locations.

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