Red Wolf Recovery Program
Southeast Region

How you can help red wolves:

Red Wolf Recovery Program

Photo Credit: Ryan Nordsven

    • Learn about red wolves and other wildlife.
        Teach others! Wolves are often misunderstood. Education is the key. The more you know, the more effective you will be changing attitudes.

    • Visit a place where red wolves live
      .  Plan a trip to the recovery area in northeastern North Carolina, currently the only place in the world where wild red wolves live.  Once there, you can also arrange a visit through the Red Wolf Coalition to tour the Red Wolf Healthcare and Education Center in Columbia, North Carolina to observe the captive pair of red wolves on site.  You can also visit a zoo or nature center participating in the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan and spend some time at a red wolf exhibit.  Go here to find out where red wolves can be viewed.

    • Get involved
      . Support the work of the USFWS and Red Wolf Species Survival Plan.  Join a partner organization like the Red Wolf Coalition or Friends of the Red Wolf or donate to their causes.  Things get done when people work together. 

    • Express your concerns about wildlife
      . Talk to elected officials, lawmakers, and leaders of civic and business organizations.  Ask them to support wild conservation efforts and programs.

    • Protect natural area
      s. Wolves and other wildlife need space and wild lands to thrive. Support wildlife conservation efforts and programs.

    • Reduce your carbon footprint
      . Climate change is the most significant challenge wildlife face today.  Learn more about this important topic and take action.

    • Practice safe and responsible hunting activities
      . Red wolves and coyotes can look similar, especially from a distance. Look before shooting. Harming a red wolf is against the law, play it safe and do not fire on an animal of uncertain identity.

    • Report any suspicious activities
      . To report a dead or injured red wolf, please call USFWS at 252-473-1131.



Last Updated: 6/29/16