Red Wolf Recovery Program
Southeast Region

Far Traveler: A Teacher’s Companion to Red Wolf Recovery

Activity Packet for Grades K-8


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Far Traveler: Entire Publication (pdf 2.75mb)
Introduction and Table of Contents

What is a Red Wolf?
Where Have the Red Wolves Gone?
The Red Wolf's Future and Why they Should be Protected

What You Can Do: Some Tips from the Pack
As a Matter of Fact: Vital Statistics at a Glance
The Basics of Wolf Biology
The Year of the Red Wolf: Spring
The Year of the Red Wolf: Summer
The Year of the Red Wolf: Autumn
The Year of the Red Wolf: Winter
How Can You Tell?: Wolves and Coyotes

K-5 Activities
The activities in this section are designed for young children being introduced to wild animals and how they live. Children will be able to:

  • recognize some of the distinguishing physical characteristics of the red wolf;
  • understand the structure of the wolf pack;
  • describe the cycle of the red wolf's life through the seasons;
  • apply the concept of the web of life;
  • understand the relationship between predatory and prey;
  • recognize how a top predator contributes to the health of an ecosystem.


K-5 Activities: Entire Section (pdf 1.64mb)
Where is Wild?

The Wild in My Neighborhood
Where is Wild? Activity
Who Else Lives in My Neighborhood?
My Neck of the Woods
Where is Wild to You?
The Tracks of My Mind Activity
Things I Know About Red Wolves
Wolf Pack Portrait
Human Family Portrait
Wolfing Down Dinner
Picking Teeth

Taking Care of the Kids
Amazing Ambulation Adaptations
Foot Facts and Feats: Questions and Answers!
Red Wolves Ahead - Drawing/Coloring Activity (pdf 816kb)
Go Red Wolf Game
Be a Whiz with Wolf Words! Activity and Answers
Name Our Pack Activity and Answers
Word Find Activity and Answers
Those Puzzling Wolves: Puzzle, Clues, Answers

6-8 Activities
The activities in this section are designed for older children who are beginning to examine wildlife recovery and management issues. Students will be able to:

  • examine the role of the red wolf within its regional ecosystem;
  • understand the concept of biodiversity and the role of the top predator;
  • make decisions regarding wildlife management issues that will affect their lives;
  • apply conflict resolution strategies to wolf recovery issues.


6-8 Activities: Entire Section (pdf 782kb)
KWL Activity and Chart
Double-Entry Reading Logs
Vocabulary Extravaganza and Word-O Chart
Fact and Opinion and Answers & On Your Own Activity
The Web of Life
Working it Out: Divergent Viewpoints, Creative Solutions
The Southeast Chronicle (fictitious newspaper article for use with conflict resolution simulation)
Can The Conflict Be Resolved? (for use with conflict resolution simulation)
Stakeholders and Perspectives (for use with conflict resolution simulation)
Conflict Resolution Simulation Activity
Who's Afraid of the Cool Red Wolf Activity and Answers
Word Stalk Activity and Answers
Puzzling Over Wolves: Puzzle, Clues, Answers
Dispersers and the Pack Activity and Answers
Wolf and Prey Activity and Answers

Glossary and Suggested Resources

Last Updated: 6/29/16