Red Wolf Recovery Program
Southeast Region

Discovery Box


A Red Wolf Discovery Box will open the doors to learning about how red wolves live in the wild. The Discovery Box is full of useful items, including artifacts, books, a video, a howling CD, and Far Traveler (the red wolf curriculum for kids of all ages). Students can experience first-hand the warm, protective pelt of a wild canid, skulls that show the powerful jaws and teeth, a radio tracking collar (including information about how the various tracking collars, including VHF and GPS, work) and footprint casts. Books serve as resource materials and challenge students to learn more about red wolves and their role in complex ecosystems.

We strongly recommend that teachers become familiar with Far Traveler and use some of the Far Traveler lessons in conjunction with the Discovery Box. The DVD Recovering a Species: The Red Wolf also provides excellent background material for an in-depth study of red wolves. It includes a history of the species in the Southeast and its brush with extinction. Far Traveler also contains an extensive glossary into which has been incorporated a variety of activities for all levels.

Contents of the Discovery Boxes may vary slightly, but usually will contain the following items:

  • Wolf and/or coyote pelt
  • Red wolf skull
  • Coyote skull
  • Track Casts
  • VHF radio tracking collar
  • Recovering a Species: The Red Wolf (DVD)
  • Far Traveler (red wolf curriculum with activities for all grade levels)
  • Various books about red wolves and conservation
  • An audio CD of wolf howls
  • Four copies of a special red wolf issue of International Wolf magazine
  • The FAQ guide Things Your Students Will Want to Know About Red Wolves - And Won't Be Afraid to Ask!
  • Teachers guides for VHF and GPS radio tracking collars

Contact the Red Wolf Coalition at (252) 796-5600 or for more information or to reserve your Red Wolf Discovery Box. Please plan ahead; due to increased demand, reservations are required.



Last Updated: 6/29/16