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Map of Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, public access.

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Lower Red Rock Lake:

South Valley Road and Centennial Mountains

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Welcome to Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge Virtual Tour

You can virtually wander around the entire Refuge using your computer, the Internet and our Virtual Tour web page. The centerpiece of each location is a 360-degree image panorama. Click on an orange icon on the Google Map to load a 360 degree panorama, a short description and related photos. Click on the photo icons for a larger image and a short description of the photo. A computer monitor of at least 1024 x 768 pixels is recommended for the best viewing experience. Most of the panoramas were taken within the refuge official boundaries, but some locations are included that lie outside the immediate boundries of the Refuge if they add to the understanding of this unique valley.

Panorama Type: resolution and load times

Panorama Type

These options determine the viewing quality and download times. Panoramas can be large and take a long time to load depending on your internet speed. As a default setting, we have provided a medium quality FLASH image for those with lower speed Internet connections. If you have a faster connection, consider selecting the HD quality. The HD version is only available in FLASH format and is between 1.5 and 3 Mbytes in size. Because of the many different browsers, plug-in's etc, you may have trouble with one or more formats. We have provided several different format options for viewing. Use the Quicktime, DevalVR or HTML 5 option if you are having trouble with the FLASH plug-in. The DevalVR requires you to download a plug-in and is only for Windows. If you load the HD panorama, use the right-most icon in the navigation interface to expand it to full screen for a better viewing experience.

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