Red Bluff Fish & Wildlife Office
Pacific Southwest Region

Mission Statement

The mission of the Red Bluff Fish and Wildlife Office is to provide biological expertise and assistance to entities seeking to conserve and protect the ecosystems of North-central California.
Specific objectives are:

  • Protect anadromous salmonid spawning populations in the Sacramento River system in order to stabilize or increase fish runs
  • Improve the effectiveness of the federal anadromous fish propagation facilities in California, Coleman (CNFH) and Livingston Stone National Fish Hatcheries (LSNFH)
  • Protect and restore the productivity of natural habitats in the Sacramento River system
  • Continue the development of information and strategies for protecting the natural habitats of the Sacramento River system as migration routes, nursery areas, and spawning areas for anadromous fish species
  • Effectively provide biological expertise and assistance in all aspects of planning and implementation of the Northwest Forest Plan with the Shasta-Trinity, Mendocino and Lassen National Forests, and the Bureau of Land Management Redding Resource Area
  • Provide Endangered Species Act consultation
  • Maintain the Tehama-Colusa Fish Facility in a mothballed status and operate the fish ladders and fish trap at Red Bluff Diversion Dam under a 1978 MOA with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.
Last updated: October 17, 2014