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"As Americans, we share certain core values and ideals. Among them is the idea that wherever we live, and whatever our background, we all deserve to experience the wildlife and wild landscapes that are our birthright as citizens. This isn’t just a romantic vision. It has spurred the creation of the world's largest network of protected public lands set aside for the enjoyment of the American people - hundreds of millions of acres of wildlife refuges, parks and other lands across the nation.

In turn, these resources have become a significant driver of our economy. The outdoor recreation industry annually generates an estimated $646 billion in economic activity and supports approximately 6.1 million direct jobs.

The industry contributes more than $40 billion in federal excise tax, sales tax and duties each year. These jobs and revenues support thousands of local communities and fund conservation efforts in every state and U.S. Territory.

So when you get out and hunt, fish, hike or just spend time in nature, you're not just renewing your spirit and improving your health. You're also contributing to this virtuous cycle, enabling agencies like the Fish and Wildlife Service to continue conserving and enhancing our natural heritage for future generations."

— Jim Kurth, Deputy Director and Acting Director