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Translocation Datasheet

The purpose of the Translocation Datasheet is to gather specific logistical and health information about each translocated bird. This information helps to identify and analyze factors that may potentially further improve translocation success rates and provide insight when a rare translocation mortality is experienced.

Properties involved in translocating RCWs have an annual reporting requirement (The USFWS Annual RCW Population Data Report). This Red-cockaded Woopecker Translocation Datasheet is now considered part of the requirement. The datasheets (one for each bird translocated) are to be submitted after each translocation event. That is, if 4 birds are moved in October send in the datasheets immediately after the move. Do not wait until you submit your annual report in January or until you have moved all your birds (unless it is "one" event) to send in these translocation forms. The recipient biologist translocating the bird is responsible for filling out and submitting the form.

Only translocation results will be collected in the annual report, because details of the translocation will be collected on the translocation datasheet.


1. Open the PDF form by clicking here.

2. Save a copy of the fillable form to your computer by using the save button on the acrobat toolbar (shown on the figure below). Do not use the save button on your browser toolbar.

Image showing how to save a PDF file

3. Open the PDF and type answers into the blanks. If you have only Adobe Reader software then you cannot save changes to the form; print the form after editing, OR you can select File, Send and mail a copy of the filled in PDF to yourself and anyone else. If you have the full adobe acrobat installation you can save your edited PDFs, one copy for each bird.

4. Send in one copy for each bird moved:

Mail printed datasheets to the address below:

RCW Recovery Coordinator
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
6578 Dogwood View Parkway
Jackson, MS 39213


e-mail digital reports to Will McDearman at:

Last Updated: March 9, 2020