Red-cockaded Woodpecker Recovery
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Southern Range Translocation Cooperative

The final 2009 SRTC meeting notice (August 12-13) and memo are below. Information is provided on the estimated number of RCWs from donors, the normally scheduled recipients, and our agenda. We'll have a presentation this year from Travis Alstad and collaborators, University of Georgia, on their RCW research of genetic structure and diversity in large and small populations, which includes recipient and donor populations. Also, Ralph Costa will give an update on funding, partnerships, and the future for several RCW translocation biologist positions that have supported SRTC. As always, we'll have time for other items of interest to the SRTC, both during and after the meeting.

Once again, we are fortunate to meet at the Betty Easley Conference Center in Tallahassee (map attached, with other logistics info in the memo).

Your SRTC participation and collaboration continues to be a RCW recovery success for many populations!

2009 SRTC Notice Memo

Map of Betty Easley Conference Center

Ichauway RCW Cluster Status - Spring 2008 Number of Active Clusters per year at Bull Creek/Triple N WMA Croom Red-cockaded Woodpecker Population Data 1999-2008 ONWR Northwest - Thirteen Year PBG Trend Ichauway RCW Population Stats 1998-2008 Fire History Map Translocation Success at J.W. Corbett WMA

The slides above are also available in pdf format.

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