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Shad in Schools - Resources

Articles and Research Papers

image of students releasing shad

Fourth grade students at Leadmine Elementary in Raleigh, N.C. release American shad fry into the Neuse River.

  • Shad Journal - Contains the following articles by students:
    • One Night with Shad: A night of shad research spawns a great adventure by Nick Richman and Karna Sandler
    • The Shad Project: Students strive to restore shad in the Potomac using a full shad system by Michael Robinson and Trevor W. Swett

Articles by students, or about students raising shad in the classroom


  • Let the River Run Silver Again! by Sandy Burk is the story of how it all began with students, American shad and the Potomac River
  • When the Shadbush Blooms by Carla Messinger with Susan Katz Illustrated by David Kanietakeron Fadden is the story of the changing seasons and changing times as seen through a young Lenape girl.
  • The Founding Fish by John McPhee a comprehensive historical look at American Shad. 

Powerpoint Presentations

Presentations from the Feb. 20, 2010 Teacher Training at the N.C. Museum of Natural Science:

Links to Live Web Cams

image of Bald Eagle Nest Cam at NCTC

Bald Eagle Nest Cam at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, WV.

The Live webcams section will take you to sites where you and your students can view Bald eagles dining on their favorite food source.

Links to North Carolina State Agencies

The Museum of Natural Sciences offers many education programs to introduce teachers and students to programs, field experiences and distance learning opportunities.

North Carolina Office of Environmental Education lets you: Discover your Ecological Address and learn about Environmental Education Programs across the state.

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