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Project Planning and Consultation

The Project Planning and Consultation section provides Fish and Wildlife Service expertise to large-scale planning efforts in the areas of energy, transportation and water and coastal development. Projects include flood control, transportation, navigation, water supply, hydroelectric power, private development, recreation, streambank and shoreline protection and beach nourishment.

Biologists assist project proponents, planners, and agency personnel in developing plans that conserve, restore or enhance fish and wildlife while at the same time accomplishing the objectives of the proposed action. Biologists have numerous duties which include: reviewing and providing recommendations on plans and development designs, crafting mitigation plans, providing expertise in wildlife and habitat management, and serving as members of planning teams.

The project planning biologists work directly with other Federal agencies and programs in the state, along with other partners on infrastructure development projects to protect the environment and preserve North Carolina's biological, terrestrial and aquatic natural resources. This section accomplishes its mission through:

  • working cooperatively with partners early in the planning process to identify ways to simultaneously conserve wildlife while accomplishing project objectives
  • supplying the best possible technical information to ensure fish and wildlife resources and their public benefits are considered
  • working at a landscape level when possible, providing guidance that can be applied broadly over a large area with numerous projects
  • focusing on high priority habitats and projects
  • working cooperatively with other Service biologists and other resource agencies to effectively gather information on species, their habitats, and the potential impacts of human development
  • participating in statewide/metropolitan planning processes or State transportation plans (STPs); identifying and promoting innovative practices that protect natural resources; while streamlining the environmental review process; and
  • promoting partnerships with other Federal, State, and local governments and non-governmental organization to address the efforts above.

Program Contacts

John Ellis, Fish and Wildlife Biologist, 919-856-4520 ext. 26

John Hammond, ESA Section 7 Consultation, Fish and Wildlife Biologist, 919-856-4520 ext 28

Gary Jordan, Fish and Wildlife Biologist, (NCDOT Liason), 919-856-4520 ext. 32

Kathryn Mathews, Wind Energy, Fish and Wildlife Biologist, 919-856-4520 ext 27

Wilson Laney, Regional FERC Coordinator, Federal Power Act, 919-515-5019




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