Raleigh Ecological Services Field Office
Conserving the Nature of America

Project Planning and Consultation

Outline of a Biological Assessment / Biological Evaluation

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A. Cover letter - Include project title, purpose, and effect determinations for each listed species and designated critical habitat (i.e., no effect; may affect, not likely to adversely affect; and/or, may affect, likely to adversely affect).

B. Project description - Describe the proposed action and the project area. Be specific and quantify whenever possible. Include maps, drawings, photographs, and any other materials that may help the reviewer understand the project.

C. Species and suitable habitat and critical habitat description(s)
For each species:
1. Describe the affected environment (quantify whenever possible)
2. Describe the species biology
3. Describe current conditions for each species
a. Rangewide
b. In the project area/action area
c. Cumulative effects of State and private actions in the project area
d. Other consultations of federal actions in the area to date
4. Describe critical habitat (if applicable)

D. Effects of the proposed action - Describe effects of the proposed action on each species and/or designated critical habitat, including:
1. Direct effects
2. Indirect effects
3. Effects of interrelated and interdependent actions
4. Cumulative effects

E. Conservation measures - Describe conservation measures, or actions, that are committed to be completed, taken to benefit or promote the recovery of listed species that are included as an integral part of the proposed action (protective measures to minimize or compensate for effects to each species).

F. Conclusion(s) - Provide effect determinations for each species and/or critical habitat.

G. Literature Cited - Provide a list of literature cited or data referenced.

H. List of Preparers - Provide a list of preparers and contacts, as well as their affiliations and qualifications.

Last Updated: August 6, 2015