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The Radar Team

A Group of Biologists Committed to Studying Migration

Radar Team PhotoRebecca Horton, Jeff Gosse, David Larson, Tim Bowden, Dan Nolfi, Nathan Rathbun, and Erik Olson. Not pictured: Michael Wells and Kevin Heist.

Photo by USFWS

GLRI Funded Project Project funded by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Photo by USFWS




















To contact us about the project, please email Jeff Gosse at jeff_gosse@fws.gov


Project Leader - Regional Energy Coordinator

Jeff Gosse

The vision for this project was conceived by Jeff and a few other members of the Regional Office in Bloomington, Minnesota. The effort they put in to acquiring funding for the project through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative allowed this project to move off of the drawing board and into reality. As Regional Energy Coordinator, Jeff continues to keep the project focused on the interactions between migrants and wind energy.


Radar Team of Fish and Wildlife Biologists

Erik Olson Nate Rathbun Michael Wells

Photos by USFWS


Kevin Heist

Kevin has worked with the Avian Radar Project for years, analyzing bat acoustical data. We are happy to have him on board as an official part of the team now!


Erik Olson

The resident GIS expert, Erik makes the maps for the project, helps with siting and spatial analysis, and assists with the large IT load that the project needs.


Nathan Rathbun

Nate splits his time between the field and the Regional Office and thus is involved with a variety of activities. He maintains the radar units when in the field, works with SQL, conducts data analysis, writes reports, and created this website.


Michael Wells

Mike is the newest member of the Avian Radar Project, starting work in 2016. His statistical background brings a new facet to the team and will undoubtedly bring some exciting results in the future!


Former Radar Team Members

Tim Bowden Becky Horton David Larson Dan Nolfi

Photos by USFWS


Tim Bowden

Tim maintained the radar units for two seasons before transitioning to the Regional Office, where he leads data analysis and report writing. He now works for the Bureau of Land Management in California.


Rebecca Horton

Becky has spent a great deal of time in the field with the radar units and is currently honing her skills in GIS for continued and specialized data analysis in the Regional Office. She now works for the State of Minnesota as a biologist.


David Larson

David maintained the radar units during the first seasons of the project and continued to stay involved with the project up through his recent retirement from the working as the Assistant Regional Energy Coordinator for Region 3. He has now retired from working with the USFWS.


Dan Nolfi

The bat biologist of the team, Dan spent most of his time in the field maintaining the radar units and working on data from the acoustic and ultrasonic monitors. Dan continues to work with the USFWS but is now located in eastern Idaho.


Last updated: November 14, 2016