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Interactive Radar Location Map

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Radar Unit Map

Click on a radar unit location on the map to see representative trackplots of a migration night and a brief explanation of general activity patterns in the area. Clicking on the season in the legend will also bring up trackplots from all locations that were surveyed during that season. Trackplots shown are 1 hour summaries from a representative migration night near the peak of migration. On the horizontal trackplots, targets (birds and bats that are flying) are colored to indicate their direction of movement according to the color wheel in the upper right hand corner of the trackplot. Targets moving north are colored blue, east are green, south are red, and west are pink. On both horizontal and vertical trackplots, areas with no targets on the trackplots do not necessarily mean there were no targets there, as the radar beam could have been blocked by objects in the environment, reducing detection in specific areas. These areas can be determined by looking at clutter maps or trackplots for the entire season. Site setup involves adjustments to radar settings based on each specific location, and in addition, software updates occur between seasons that make comparisons between sites difficult. Any comparison of activity between sites needs to be made with caution.


Last updated: October 19, 2017
Presque Isle and Alcona Counties, MI Fall 2015 TrackplotsManitou, Minnesota TrackplotsBayfield, Wisconsin TrackplotsEagle Harbor, Michigan TrackplotsFall 2014 Trackplots Luddington, Michigan Trackplots Port Hope, Michigan Trackplots Sebewaing, Michigan Trackplots Alabaster, Michigan Trackplots Manitowoc, Wisconsin Lakeshore Trackplots Manitowoc, Wisconsin Inland Trackplots Two Rivers, Wisconsin Trackplots Garden Peninsula, Michigan Trackplots Escanaba, Michigan Trackplots Sandusky, Ohio Trackplots Erie, Pennsylvania Trackplots Wilson, New York Trackplots Batavia, New York Trackplots Sodus, New York Trackplots Watertown, New York Trackplots St. Ignace, MI Trackplots Pictured Rocks, MI Trackplots Fall 2013 Trackplots Spring 2013 Trackplots Fall 2012 Trackplots Spring 2012 Trackplots Fall 2011 Trackplots Radar Unit Locations Spring 2011 Trackplots Spring 2014 Shoreline Trackplots Spring 2014 Inland Trackplots Spring 2015 Trackplots Spring 2014 Trackplots