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Selected Posters

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Posters describe specific genetics projects. Photo Credit: USFWS.
Lynsey standing next to posters that describe specific genetics projects.
Photo Credit: USFWS

    1. Assisting management with admixture analysis of coho salmon smolt: Freshwater dispersal of juveniles in the Kenai River, Alaska (pdf)

    2. Comparisons of maximum likelihood and Bayesian methods for mixed- stock analysis (pdf)

    3. Emerging baselines to estimate migration patterns of Dolly Varden charr in near-shore waters and high-seas (pdf)

    4. Genetics and environmental characteristics of isolated coastal cutthroat trout populations (pdf)

    5. Microsatellites reveal unique patterns of fine –and broad scale population structure in Alaska coho salmon (pdf)

    6. Reducing bias in mixture estimates: A computer program to bin alleles (pdf)

    7. Population structure and gene flow bias among anadromous and resident Oncorhynchus mykiss (pdf )

    8. Mixed-stock analysis of Yukon River chum salmon (pdf - 4mb)

    9. DNA Barcoding of Eight North American Coregonin Specise (pdf - 1mb)

    10. Genetic variation in Norton Sound chum salmon populations (pdf - 984kb)


Last updated: March 8, 2011